We at Grizzly.fi believe that the benefits of DeFi should be made so simple that everyone can use it. We believe in simplicity, not complexity. It is our mission to create innovative financial solutions and make them accessible for everyone.

We firmly believe that DeFi is the future of financial services and holds tremendous potential. Nevertheless, we think it is too complicated and not safe currently. This is why we created Grizzly.fi. A place where the most influential DeFi services are thought through and made user friendly - all in one place.

Additionally Grizzly.fi will bring together Traditional Finance and Decentralized Finance by making it easier than ever to invest for everyday people

Innovative Roadmap

Since we are specialised on building gates and bridges to all kind of different DeFi projects, Grizzly.fi can expand very quickly to new innovative solutions to make DeFi accessible for everyone. This gives us a competitive advantage and allows Grizzly.fi to grow with the entire DeFi market.

Platform Launch on
Binance Smart Chain

Cross Chain Integration
on Polygon & Solana

Q4 - 2022
Q1 - 2022

Integration of Lending & Borrowing
„Collateralized Liquidity Mining“

Algorithmic Pool Allocation
„Oracle Hive“

Traditional Finance

Next Milestones

Hacken.io Audit
PancakeSwap Syrup Pool
Platform Launch on Binance Smart Chain
Collateralized Liquidity Mining
Certik.io Audit
Grizzly Oracle Hive
Coinmarketcap Listing
Grizzly Collectibles (NFT’s)
Coingecko Listing
Traditional Finance Implementation
Polygon Chain Implementation
Binance Listing
Solana Chain Implementation
Produce our own Honey
PancakeSwap Farm Pair
Save Grizzlies from the Circus

Our Team

With every successful project there is a well-knit team behind it. Usually, the founders of DeFi platforms hide behind the anonymity of the internet. Transparency and integrity are very important to us and therefore we want to do that differently. Grizzly.fi has nothing to hide and is here to stay. We want to show that by giving the commitment of a public appearance.

Andrés Co-Founder
Leon Co-Founder
Grygoriy Co-Founder
Oliver Co-Founder
Elias Co-Founder
Roman Co-Founder
Dren Solidity Developer
Linda PR & Media
Stan Marketing Expert
Christian Security Expert
Moritz Dev Ops & Solidity Developer
Rinor Fullstack Developer
Ismail Blockchain Expert
Sonny Crypto Expert
Mohanned Marketing Expert
Chantale Project Manager
Edon Project Manager
Betto UI/UX Designer
Edrin Graphic Designer
Denis UI/UX Designer
Gaz Brand Designer
Jetmir React.js Developer
Dren Frontend Developer
Kushtrim Frontend Developer
Rinor Frontend Developer
Fisnik Web Developer
Florika Web Developer
Florijan Web Developer

Our Partner

In order to build a strong foundation and make the Grizzly's vision turn into reality, we are glad to have strong partners on board to help us achieving this.

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