Highlight Features

To build the most user-friendly, secure and profitable Liquidity Mining Aggregator, Grizzly.fi created following highlight features that will transform the DeFi space into a better and more accessible place.

One click Invest

The most straightforward onboarding process ever. Forget about technical terms and complex investment procedures. Just choose your favorite pool, click confirm and we take care of the rest.

Optimized Returns

Enjoy higher APY’s thanks to our algorithmic auto-compounding. Grizzly.fi automatically re-invests your rewards on a daily basis, so you can benefit from the compound effect.

Hub of Liquidity Mining

Invest in the most secured and profitable pools from you favorite providers. No more need to manage dozens of different platforms - now you have everything you need in one place.

Smart Tokenomics

The Grizzly Honey (short GHNY) is a utility and governance Token and directly connected to the success of our Liquidity Mining platform. GHNY becomes more valuable with every new Grizzly using the platform. Grizzly Honey stakers receive their rewards in BNB and participate directly from Institutional Investor fees.

Constant Buy-Side Pressure

Up to 70% of all profits generated on Grizzly.fi are used to buy-back the GHNY token thus creating a constant buy-side-pressure which benefits all GHNY token holders.

Dynamic Honey Creation

Tokens only get minted when profits are generated on the platform. Grizzly.fi's Community can vote on the Emission Level (Bee Efficiency Level)

Stake GHNY Receive BNB

The Honeypot is the place where smart Grizzly's can stake their GHNY to earn even more GHNY and BNB.

Earn from Institutional Investors

Grizzly.fi creates a gateway to Traditional Finance and the performance fee charged from Institutional Investors goes directly to GHNY stakers as reward..

Unique User Experience

Traditional Finance Gateway

The mission of Grizzly.fi is Making DeFi accessible for everyone. To makes this possible we are planning to develop a gateway from the DeFi space to the enormous potentials of the Traditional Finance Market. With this we can create an opportunity for people to participate in the advantages and earning possibilities of the DeFi area without having to deal with the challenges and technical conditions associated with it.

Wanna know how we will make this happen and how the Traditional Finance Gateway will benefit the entire DeFi Community - check out our related blog article.

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