Liquidity Mining Made Easy was created by a Swiss Tech Company and aims to be the Hub of Liquidity Mining. An Aggregator where Liquidity Mining is made easier and more profitable than ever before - even in the bear market.

No more need to manage dozens of different platforms and perform complicated steps to enjoy the benefits of Liquidity Mining.
Invest now in the most profitable pools from you favorite providers and earn more money while spending less time.

One-Click Invest

The most straightforward onboarding process ever. Forget about technical terms and complex investment procedures. Just choose your favorite pool and we take care of the rest.

Optimized Returns

Invest in the safest and most profitable Liquidity Mining Platforms and enjoy higher returns thanks to our algorithmic auto-compounding.

No impermanent loss

Tired of losing money in the Crypto Market? - On you can only find pools without impermanent loss.

TradFi Gateway

Trough our Swiss legal and financial structure we are creating a gateway for institutional and traditional investors to enter the DeFi Space.

The Story

Discover the story that makes Liquidity Mining understandable and accessible for everyone. The land of bees, hives and honey. Built for a unique user experience through the platform.

The Grizzly

The Grizzly represents a relaxed but smart investor. He built himself an ecosystem that generates him money continuously, no matter if it’s summer or crypto winter.

The Bees

The Bees represent our sophisticated smart contract. The Bees do all the hard work for the Grizzly so he can focus on the more important things in life.

The Hives

Hives represent the liquidity pools that can be found on all major DeFi platforms. The Grizzly has them all in one place here, so he can easily choose which one he prefers.

What's a Liquidity Pool?

The Rewards

The hard work of the bees result in lots of delicious rewards. Either in our unique Grizzly Honey or otherwise in secure Stable Coins. The Grizzly loves both and is looking forward to be prepared for all crypto seasons.

Smart Tokenomics

The Grizzly Honey (short GHNY) is a utility and governance Token and directly connected to the success of our Liquidity Mining platform. GHNY becomes more valuable with every new Grizzly using the platform. Grizzly Honey stakers receive their rewards in BNB and participate directly from Institutional Investor fees.

Constant Buy-Side Pressure

Up to 70% of all profits generated on are used to buy-back the GHNY token thus creating a constant buy-side-pressure which benefits all GHNY token holders.

Dynamic Honey Creation

Tokens only get minted when profits are generated on the platform.'s Community can vote on the Emission Level (Bee Efficiency Level)

Stake GHNY Receive BNB

The Honeypot is the place where smart Grizzly's can stake their GHNY to earn even more GHNY and BNB.

Earn from Institutional Investors creates a gateway to Traditional Finance and the performance fee charged from Institutional Investors goes directly to GHNY stakers as reward..

Win 10'000 GHNY in Honey Token

And be among the first to use

Innovative Roadmap

Since we are specialised on building gates and bridges to all kind of different DeFi projects, can expand very quickly to new innovative solutions to make DeFi accessible for everyone. This gives us a competitive advantage and allows to grow with the entire DeFi market.

Platform Launch on
Binance Smart Chain

Cross Chain Integration
on Polygon & Solana

Q1 - 2022
Q2 - 2022

Integration of Lending & Borrowing
„Collateralized Liquidity Mining“

Algorithmic Pool Allocation
„Oracle Hive“

Traditional Finance

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